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What Happened To Sundays?

Oops I did it again....What happened to Sunday?

 I've been diligent about staying in touch. Sunday is my podcast day. But today it got away from me.

My podcast was all about storytelling. I just ran out of time to record it! I was trying to figure out out a way to fit it into my day, but you know... life happens.

My first instinct was of course to beat myself up. I know better of course, I teach better but the feeling always rears its ugly head. 

So I stopped took a breath and realized, that life would go on without one episode of my podcast going live!

When I was little there was nothing to do on Sundays.

Everything was closed. No shopping, no working...the only thing that was open was movie a theatre. No internet, No DVDs and cable TV consisted of about 13 channels.

Most of Sunday was spent reading, writing, visiting friends and family, relaxing or just hanging out.

At the time, I thought Sundays were soooo boring! Little did I understand the...

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Simplicity Is the Ultimate Strategy

When you look at a map on your smartphone it gives you the shortest possible route from point A to point B.

Oh sure it might not take into account the scenery or attractions along the way but you just want to get to your destination quickly and easily.

Strategy is about getting to your destination. It's simple.

Of course you can zig zag it, mind map it or stretch it out to a lazy roll.

But my strategy is simple. Its effective and clean.  Just take the shortest route don't worry about the fluff.

Who needs to put lipstick on the pig anyway.

The pig looks great on his own just as he should.

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Did Someone Steal Your Big Idea?

You have the best idea in the world! 

The solution finally came to you!

This will change lives around the globe. Your idea will have massive impact!
You’re so excited about the possibilities, the potential, this is truly a game changer

Then you go back to work.

Back to your routine.

Because you're just not sure how to make your dream a reality.

It’s time consuming to work on your idea.
It takes time and energy out of you daily routine.
It cuts into your social schedule.

After all, maybe it wont even work.

So you stop.

One year later you see your idea come to life on the internet.

It's amazing. Its changing lives!

Problem is you didn’t put it out! Someone else did!

You think to yourself. They stole my idea! But the truth is the only one that stole it from you was yourself.

You got in your own way. Didn't put in the time. But someone else did.

What big idea have you come up with and are sitting on right now?

Think about your next steps carefully before someone else...

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Do You Know What You Do?

Do you remember when your mom use to describe the people in your neighbourhood.

Johny Smith is a doctor, Sally is a hairdresser, Jessie owns an auto shop.

You knew the the mailman delivered mail, the lawyer practiced law.  It was a simple easy concept to follow.

Then something weird happened.  Someone came up with this very weird idea.  Instead of telling people what we do, let's just confuse them and let's look really impressive.

So instead of Sally the hairdresser, Sally became the woman that helped young adults feel more confident in their lives!  Huh?  What the heck does that mean!

The truth is if I don't know what you do, I mean really don't know because you've overstuffed, and over lipsticked what you really do, then I will have a very hard time understanding if I need your service, or if I can refer you to someone else that does!

The best way to grow any business is to tell someone what you do.  Simply.

I refer to myself as a global business...

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Today I Am Not Ok, and That's Ok

How are you today?   

I'm great how about you?

What if you're not actually ok.  Do you still answer you're great?  Do you feel the need to always say you're doing well, your business is doing well and for appearance sake everything is just right in the world?

There's a lovely artist named Julie Campbell (you can find her on Etsy here:  I bought a pin from her that said "Today I am not ok, and that's ok",  the wisdom of that quote is simple.


Admitting you are not ok, that you need a day off, or a  get our of jail free card is absolutely ok.  It's not a sign of weakness but actually a sign of strength to admit when you need to take a break.

Sometimes you've have been working so hard and burning the midnight oil that don't even...

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Do You Change A Losing Game Or Do You Just Quit?

Do you change a losing game or do you just quit?

When things get tough, get challenging and overwhelming our first instinct is to just quit.  After all, it shouldn't be this hard right?

Our minds are so foggy and full of the hardship that we are losing we sometime just can't clear it away.

But the key in those challenging times is to assess the bigger picture and see if there is another way.  A way out.

There's a baseball term thats used when a team is losing and they go to a put in a new pitcher.  Changing it up might just be what the team needs to turn things around.

"Always Change  A Losing Game"

It's a motto I live by.  If something isn't working, try something else.  

The hardest part in all of this is to recognize you're in a losing game!

One you are aware of your situation, you can work to change your mindset so that you can focus on changing the game.

Yes being willing to change a losing game takes vision and sometimes risk, however...

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Like At First Sight, Is It Enough?

Love at first sight?  That's for the romantic comedies, don't get me wrong who doesn't love romantic comedies, but the notion of knowing you know in an instant is usually not reality, or is it?

What about liking at first sight in business?

I've met apps, technology, books and strategies that I have loved at first sight!  but people?

Have you ever met someone at a conference, in the workplace, or at a party that you immediately have rapport with and no not romantically but you know, like and trust them in an instant?

When you have that feeling treat it as special.  It doesn't happen often.

I've met people in the past that I think one day we should work together, and when you put in the effort to stay in touch because of that feeling, it just may come to fruition.

I met my current business partner at a seminar we both attended seven years ago.  We've spent time together at other conferences, travelled together and just hung out.

After years of talking about working...

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Can You Bounce Back From The Brink?


What happens when you lose everything as you know it except your life? 

What happens when you just don’t see it coming?

Can You Bounce Back From The Brink?

Listen Now!

Song: Life is a Highway.

Artist: Tom Cochrane

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Can Your Name Bring You Success? Or Can It Hold You Back?


Did your parents set you up for failure or success by naming you? 

A name can influence your identity,  but can it determine your future success?

Listen Now!

Song:  What’s your name little girl, whats your name?

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd

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When things are easy, momentum has a habit of slowing down. When tragedy strikes, we often feel we just don’t want to do anything and so momentum can be lost.  We know we should be moving forward, but what do we do when we can’t find momentum.  

But if we condition ourselves to always be focused on momentum it makes us better and stronger and helps us overcome even the worst case scenarios.

Sheryl Sandberg,the chief operating officer of Facebook and author of “Lean In,’’ delivered the commencement speech at the University of California, Berkeley, on Saturday. She said “It’s the hard days that determine who you are”.  

Well said. Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s true.

I often remember seeing people on TV after they have experienced tragedy whether they had an illness, a death in the family, or a financial or emotional challenge. Whatever the situation, they always said it made them better,...

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