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What Happened To Sundays?

Oops I did it again....What happened to Sunday?

 I've been diligent about staying in touch. Sunday is my podcast day. But today it got away from me.

My podcast was all about storytelling. I just ran out of time to record it! I was trying to figure out out a way to fit it into my day, but you know... life happens.

My first instinct was of course to beat myself up. I know better of course, I teach better but the feeling always rears its ugly head. 

So I stopped took a breath and realized, that life would go on without one episode of my podcast going live!

When I was little there was nothing to do on Sundays.

Everything was closed. No shopping, no working...the only thing that was open was movie a theatre. No internet, No DVDs and cable TV consisted of about 13 channels.

Most of Sunday was spent reading, writing, visiting friends and family, relaxing or just hanging out.

At the time, I thought Sundays were soooo boring! Little did I understand the Sundays where all about oneself.

Sundays were a debrief, a meditation, a zen moment where you could recharge your batteries or relax and watch an old movie (if one of the 13 channels actually had one on).

I am sad that my kids will never know what a Sunday really is, or I guess what it really was.

My life moves fast, theirs moves at lightning speed.

Today felt like a Sunday to me - first time since I was around 13. It was slow, I read the "real" paper, and congratulated myself on re-finding Sunday.

That is until I realized I was writing this on a computer on a Sunday - after I had already checked my emails three times today, watched a tv show on channel 231 and grabbed a couple of items from the grocery store.

Oh well.....for a minute there....it was Sunday


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