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Do You Know What You Do?

Do you remember when your mom use to describe the people in your neighbourhood.

Johny Smith is a doctor, Sally is a hairdresser, Jessie owns an auto shop.

You knew the the mailman delivered mail, the lawyer practiced law.  It was a simple easy concept to follow.

Then something weird happened.  Someone came up with this very weird idea.  Instead of telling people what we do, let's just confuse them and let's look really impressive.

So instead of Sally the hairdresser, Sally became the woman that helped young adults feel more confident in their lives!  Huh?  What the heck does that mean!

The truth is if I don't know what you do, I mean really don't know because you've overstuffed, and over lipsticked what you really do, then I will have a very hard time understanding if I need your service, or if I can refer you to someone else that does!

The best way to grow any business is to tell someone what you do.  Simply.

I refer to myself as a global business...

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Today I Am Not Ok, and That's Ok

How are you today?   

I'm great how about you?

What if you're not actually ok.  Do you still answer you're great?  Do you feel the need to always say you're doing well, your business is doing well and for appearance sake everything is just right in the world?

There's a lovely artist named Julie Campbell (you can find her on Etsy here:  I bought a pin from her that said "Today I am not ok, and that's ok",  the wisdom of that quote is simple.


Admitting you are not ok, that you need a day off, or a  get our of jail free card is absolutely ok.  It's not a sign of weakness but actually a sign of strength to admit when you need to take a break.

Sometimes you've have been working so hard and burning the midnight oil that don't even...

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Can You Bounce Back From The Brink?


What happens when you lose everything as you know it except your life? 

What happens when you just don’t see it coming?

Can You Bounce Back From The Brink?

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Song: Life is a Highway.

Artist: Tom Cochrane

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Can Your Name Bring You Success? Or Can It Hold You Back?


Did your parents set you up for failure or success by naming you? 

A name can influence your identity,  but can it determine your future success?

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Song:  What’s your name little girl, whats your name?

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd

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No matter how successful we are, how much we have accumulated, or how respected we are, there is always a search for what really matters. 

We consume self help books and personal growth books to help up find the answers even though we may not truly even understand the question.

One of my favourite books of all time is Autobiography of a Yogi.  

The book was the ONLY book that was on Steve Jobs iPad as well as being his last gift to his friends.  Everyone attending Steve Job's funeral was given a copy of the book.  I feel as though I'm in good company.

I read Paramahansa Yogananda's story every few years.  It was a well known fact that Steve Jobs re-read the autobiography every year.

Why do I love this book as so many others do?  At its core, it is a path to self-actualization, a way to build our internal voice and to build companies and organization in that same way.  To build what matters.


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