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Do You Know What You Do?

Do you remember when your mom use to describe the people in your neighbourhood.

Johny Smith is a doctor, Sally is a hairdresser, Jessie owns an auto shop.

You knew the the mailman delivered mail, the lawyer practiced law.  It was a simple easy concept to follow.

Then something weird happened.  Someone came up with this very weird idea.  Instead of telling people what we do, let's just confuse them and let's look really impressive.

So instead of Sally the hairdresser, Sally became the woman that helped young adults feel more confident in their lives!  Huh?  What the heck does that mean!

The truth is if I don't know what you do, I mean really don't know because you've overstuffed, and over lipsticked what you really do, then I will have a very hard time understanding if I need your service, or if I can refer you to someone else that does!

The best way to grow any business is to tell someone what you do.  Simply.

I refer to myself as a global business strategist but when someone asks what I do I simply say I'm a business coach or consultant that helps people come up with a strategy to grow their business.

Most people understand what a business coach is.  If I said I help entrepreneurs reach their ultimate potential through strategic innovations and system frameworks, most people would have no idea what I'm taking about!

So let me ask you the same question.  What do you do?  I mean really?

If you can answer that question simply,  then your business will be much easier to find.

Success is simple, don't overdress it!


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