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Like At First Sight, Is It Enough?

Love at first sight?  That's for the romantic comedies, don't get me wrong who doesn't love romantic comedies, but the notion of knowing you know in an instant is usually not reality, or is it?

What about liking at first sight in business?

I've met apps, technology, books and strategies that I have loved at first sight!  but people?

Have you ever met someone at a conference, in the workplace, or at a party that you immediately have rapport with and no not romantically but you know, like and trust them in an instant?

When you have that feeling treat it as special.  It doesn't happen often.

I've met people in the past that I think one day we should work together, and when you put in the effort to stay in touch because of that feeling, it just may come to fruition.

I met my current business partner at a seminar we both attended seven years ago.  We've spent time together at other conferences, travelled together and just hung out.

After years of talking about working...

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