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The lucky front door according to Feng Shui! 

The most asked question in Feng Shui?  Simple, "Should I paint my front door red?"

You have likely met someone that has told you after they painted their door red their life changed! 

It's true that painting your front door will likely bring new energy into your home!  But, Red is not your only option,  and in some cases not even your best options. 

Red in Feng Shui is very powerful and brings with it prosperity, abundance and success but it may not be the right choice for you. 

With the Flying Star method of Feng Shui - we can determine if your home has any "star combinations" that are unfavourable.

If so, then painting your door red might actually make the energies worse!  As well there are certain directions each calendar year that are not good options to place any red in so you should be extra cautious with these directions. 

With Traditional compass directions, colour is...

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