Did Someone Steal Your Big Idea?

business strategy success Aug 27, 2020

You have the best idea in the world! 

The solution finally came to you!

This will change lives around the globe. Your idea will have massive impact!
You’re so excited about the possibilities, the potential, this is truly a game changer

Then you go back to work.

Back to your routine.

Because you're just not sure how to make your dream a reality.

It’s time consuming to work on your idea.
It takes time and energy out of you daily routine.
It cuts into your social schedule.

After all, maybe it wont even work.

So you stop.

One year later you see your idea come to life on the internet.

It's amazing. Its changing lives!

Problem is you didn’t put it out! Someone else did!

You think to yourself. They stole my idea! But the truth is the only one that stole it from you was yourself.

You got in your own way. Didn't put in the time. But someone else did.

What big idea have you come up with and are sitting on right now?

Think about your next steps carefully before someone else does.