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Do You Change A Losing Game Or Do You Just Quit?

Do you change a losing game or do you just quit?

When things get tough, get challenging and overwhelming our first instinct is to just quit.  After all, it shouldn't be this hard right?

Our minds are so foggy and full of the hardship that we are losing we sometime just can't clear it away.

But the key in those challenging times is to assess the bigger picture and see if there is another way.  A way out.

There's a baseball term thats used when a team is losing and they go to a put in a new pitcher.  Changing it up might just be what the team needs to turn things around.

"Always Change  A Losing Game"

It's a motto I live by.  If something isn't working, try something else.  

The hardest part in all of this is to recognize you're in a losing game!

One you are aware of your situation, you can work to change your mindset so that you can focus on changing the game.

Yes being willing to change a losing game takes vision and sometimes risk, however without trying you will never know.

So remember, change it up, go left instead of right, choose the red one, think outside the box.  Who know what the world will send your way!




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