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I am a perpetual student. I LOVE to learn! I am in a mastermind, I read books, I take courses, Its my way of showing myself I am worth it.

I don’t spend time at the spa, I’m not a huge fan of shopping and I don’t have many hobbies, except learning.

I love to learn, I am happiest when I’m learning. What makes me happy? Learning something new, and of course Red Lipstick! (But that’s another story).

I was working at my desk last night, and I received an email from Brendon. He was interviewing Larry King live. So I immediately jumped on!

Brendon Burchard did an amazing job and after the interview I bought Larry’s New Program. So essentially I am being coached by Larry King for the next 12 months!

Larry let us in on his number one secret in being an effective communicator. The secret?

Being honest.

The first time Larry was on the radio he told the listeners it was his first time, and although he hoped to be good, he wanted everyone to know so in the event he might not do so well, the listeners would go easier on him.

How could you not love him after that? He told the truth and the rest of his career is history! Larry rocks!

Why does being honest matter? Because if you’re honest, life is easier. People are more generous, gracious and accepting. And you’re more at ease.

If you say I don’t know the answer, or you’re not sure, or I will try my best, people are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. It’s about being honest.

Everyday I meet people and I ask them “How’s Your Business?” and usually they say “great”. The minute they say “everything is great”, I forget about them, because I know they don’t need my help.

But let’s be honest, how many of us have business that are “great”. We could always be better.

The next time someone asks you “How is business?” Try answering a little differently.

You may want to say “My business is doing well, but it could always be doing better. Can you think of anyone that might need my service? If you do I would appreciate it if you let them know about me!”

Do you see how simple that is? You’re honest, you’re asking for help, and likely you will be remembered.

Try it out this week!

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