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I Wish I Hadn't Done That!

Do you wish you could press a redo button upon occasion?

You said something in anger or a little too honestly? You took the wrong job, dated the wrong person for too long, didn't pursue your dream... 

Sometime in the dead of night those regret devils start invading my head and the thoughts begin to  swirl around  and haunt me.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

We all have times that we look back at and think I wish I hadn't done that!   But the truth is we learn and get better from the missteps we take, that is if you acknowledge them, accept them, understand them and move on with new strategies to ensure they don't happen again.

Dean Martin, one of the fabulous members of the infamous RAT PACK imparted a key point of wisdom that I never forget:

           "Good Judgment Comes From Experience,

and experience,

well that comes from poor judgement!"

Stop beating yourself up about choices you made in the past.  If you hadn't made those choices then you would never have had the experience to ensure you make the right choices moving forward.

You can't learn and grow by sitting still.  The growth and success comes from living through experiences and forging ahead.

Regret devils are always waiting to take advantage of our moments of weakness.  The truth is we are better, stronger and more assured because of our past actions. 

Right or wrong our actions lead us to who we are today and who we could be tomorrow.




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