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Hi, I'm Fay Chapple

An award-winning Global Strategist, Master Speaking Trainer, Speaker, Author, Radio Host and The Founder of The Global Impact Accelerator and OnPoint Mentors.

With over 20+ years of transformational mentoring, I've helped thousands of individuals around the globe achieve success and a freedom lifestyle by turning their expertise into 6, 7 and 8 figure revenue streams!

After finding myself having to start all over again but this time with plenty of debt, I had to develop a system to free myself and my family.

The key to success is simple. Follow a step by step system. My systems work by taking the guesswork and tech overwhelm out, clearing all the noise and theory away and just make it happen!

Congratulations on embarking on your journey, or digging in deeper to skyrocket your results! Either way I'm honored to be part of it!

To your continued success!  Remember "Don't Hold Yourself Back, The World is Waiting For YOU!"

Client SUCCESS Stories

Linda Sztanko

"Don't give yourself excuses to stay where you are. Fay will give you the confidence, strategy and tools to launch you new brand, or scale and existing business to heights you never imagined before"

Collin Miles

"I’ve been working with Fay Chapple for the last six months as a business mentor and have come to really  appreciate her desire for me to be successful and the support that she gives you is second to none"

Carolyn Dickinson

Working with Fay has changed my world. She showed me how to take my Vision and truly bring it to life. Fay’s strategic and technical knowledge has been priceless. I can’t image not ever having her as part of my team!

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