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10 Hacks On How To Meditate For Happiness & Success

Without having to master the art of thinking of nothing!  My top shortcuts on being present and achieving clarity and learning to meditate on your own terms!

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What's The Meditation Club About?

It's simple. We’re a global meditation club for anyone that wants to get serious about finally learning meditation the easy way!

All members of the meditation club read have access to a new method of learning meditation each month.   Members can also meet up online anytime in our Facebook Group.


How Is This Meditation Club Different?

We take it one step further!  We take our discussions and lessons learned and put together a strategy on how to use the learnings in our daily lives and businesses!  A unique implementation plan is available after every lesson.

Each month you will be experiencing:


  • A New Method of Meditation
  • Discussion Questions
  • A Live 1 Hour Interactive Online
  • An Implementation Plan For Lessons Learned


Our Global Mindset

We want to help everyone learn the art of meditation in order to enrich their lives.

Step By Step Learning

We break down every different form of meditation from around the globe so you not only understand the differences but you can also determine the best one for you!

Live Interaction Each Month

No questions go unanswered!  We know you need to know more, so
Each month we will have a live Q&A where community members from around the globe and join, share their experiences and learn.

Unique Expert Guests

We will invite experts from around the globe to join us live! Learn from the best that the world has to offer.  Get excited about moving your life forward and experience a whole new approach to live by.


I'm Fay Chapple, an award winning global business strategist and renowned speaker

Originally I am from Toronto but now I spend my time traveling the world teaching others how to launch business, brands and inspiring thousands of people face any challenge. 

I've been practicing and teaching meditation for over 20 years.  I teach meditation for everyone. Simple, straightforward, accessible.

Join Me.

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August 2017!

Introduction To Meditation. What's Right For You?

The top CEO's of the worlds most successful organizations all practice meditation.  Learn the different styles and what type of meditation will work best for you!


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10 Meditation Hacks you can learn today for increase your happiness and success!  Read Online or Download the PDF