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Fay can be booked for consulting assignments, executive coaching sessions, or leadership and vision workshops.  Each of Fay's experiences enable individuals and organizations to achieve high performance standards and make sustainable impact.

What Can You Expect

"One Smart Cookie who delivers a massive wake up call!"

Leadership, Communication and Team Optimization

Inspire. Motivate. Influence. Build top-performing teams. Find competitive advantage. Execute strategy. Lead change. Foster innovation

Productivity and High Performance

Dynamically delivered corporate training experience that will provide hands-on application in how to develop practical strategies that world-class managers employ. Participants will learn how to increase their impact and deliver high-performance outcomes from those they manage

Marketing, Branding & Online Business Building

Today’s most relevant marketing concepts. Marketing strategies, Digital Marketing, Data Driven Marketing, Customer Driven Marketing, Branding, Pesonal Branding, Social Selling, 

Communication and Speaking For Impact

Individuals who can present their thoughts clearly, persuasively and diplomatically will be successful.  Improve spoken and written communication for better presentations, negotiations, transactions and relationships, both internally and with your customers.

Strategy and Vision Development For Success

Developing a strategic vision, crafting a vision, implementing and executing strategy, understanding what it takes for strategies to succeed and selling that strategy to your board, team or customers

Wellness and Health Optimization

A healthy life provides the knowledge, ability and opportunity to interact with the world with increased confidence, security and stewardship. A healthy life contributes to a healthy mind and body.

Executive Management Coaching and Development

Executive coaching provides the opportunity, time, and place for high potential individuals to improve their leadership and communication skills.  Through leadership development and team development with executive coaching, leadership training and management consulting. 

Franchise, Small Business & Global Growth

Franchising can provide small businesses a pathway to growth and profitability not normally achieved with company owned locations. In some cases franchising has enabled small businesses to grow into national and internationally recognized brands.

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