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8 Reading Hacks You Can Use To Read More In Less Time

Your brain is a powerful tool. Are you using it to its full potential?  You may want to learn more by reading more but, you just don't think you have the time! Learn my secrets and change your reading habits now!

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What's The Hot Thoughts Book Club About?

It's simple. We’re a global book club for anyone that wants to discuss great books!

All members of the book club read the same book over the same period; members then meet up online at the end of each month to discuss the book and exchange views.


How Is This Book Club Different?

We take it one step further!  We take our discussions and lessons learned and put together a strategy on how to use the learnings in our daily lives and businesses!  A unique implementation plan after each book!  

Each month you will be experiencing:


  • A New Book To Read
  • Discussion Questions
  • A Live 1 Hour Interactive Online
  • An Implementation Plan For Lessons Learned


Our Global Mindset

We want to help everyone expand their knowledge

Bring People Together

Make new friends around the world! Share your thoughts, read great books and expand your mind!

The Best Of The Latest Reads

We read the hottest titles, the newest theories and latest strategies to move your business and your life forward!

A Globally Shared Experience

From each corner of the globe, our amazing community reads and share experiences about the same book at the same time!


I'm Fay Chapple, an award winning global business strategist and renowned speaker

Originally I am from Toronto but now I spend my time traveling the world teaching others how to launch business, brands and inspiring thousands of people face any challenge. 

I have a passion for reading the greatest books and the latest finds, and showing you how you can implement the ideas in those same books into your own business and life in order to live the life you deserve at the highest frequency.


Hi, I'm Jennie Ormson, international EQ specialist and one of Toronto's leading therapists.

I have an insatiable quest for knowledge and research, devouring hundreds of books annually in the field of personal development and entrepreneurial success.

My passion is distilling that information for you to apply to develop your highest potential and achieve your goals. Join us for riveting conversations on the latest and greatest publications to gain insight, understanding, and traction.



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The Only Book On Steve Jobs Ipad

When Steve Jobs passed away he gave each person attending his service this special gift. A copy of Autobiography of a Yogi.  This book changed the course of Steve Job's life, perhaps it will change yours as well.


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8 Reading Hacks you can do today to increase your learning & productivity! Read it now or grab your infographic!